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Our Vision
The vision of the Center for Home Education  is to provide education with excellence and purpose for homeschool families who are dedicated to raising-up a generation to impact their world for Christ!


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Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Friday 8:30-4:00p.m.

New To Homeschool, or

New to the Center

Orientation Meeting

Thursday, February 4th @ 7:00

You are welcome to just show up! 

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Our Next Middle School Bunco will be Friday, Feb. 5th 6:30-8:30
The next Activity will be a Valentine's Making Pizza Party on 
Tuesday, Feb. 9th at 6:30-8:00
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Teen Activities at the Center for Home Education


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Tuesday February 16th at 7:00
Tuesday March 8th at 7:00

Don't "do" home school alone! Come join us!

We will take one subject per month and discuss it.  Topics could be: Learning styles, curriculum, organization, budget, discipline, cultivating an atmosphere of love and inspiration, taking care of mom and dad, what to do with toddlers, free-time, chores, sports, relatives and so much more!


Our goal is to provide support to homeschooling mothers and help homeschool families have opportunities to become connected with other homeschooling families in our community. We want to inspire you along your journey to HOME school your children! 


If you know someone who is actively homeschooling their children, tell them that they are invited regardless if they take classes at the Center

Questions? Call Donna Jones 817-281-2293

      ~~Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, 1 Thess:5:11~~~

Dates to Remember: 
(listed on the Calendar of Events also)


Classes Begin on Monday January 4th 2016
Spring Break March 14th- 18th
Closed Good Friday March 25th
***Last Monday- Thursday
14 week classes is April 11th-14th
***Last Friday 14 week classes end 
April 22nd 
***Last Monday-Thursday 
16 week classes is April 25th-28th
***Last Friday 16 week classes end
May 6th 

Senior Graduation May 21st





Rosie Interview


Store Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Friday 8:30-4:00p.m. 

We are located at 5733 Watauga Rd., 
Watauga, TX  76148


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Cottage theatre our coffee house


Homeschooling Proving "Good for America"


Homeschoolers impact the political arena with energetic determination, focus, and success.


The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC - In August 2001, the cover of Time magazine posed this question: "Is Home Schooling Good for America?" Today, as more and more adults who were homeschooled assume positions of leadership and service in our nation, we answer Time's question with a resounding "Yes!"


Without question, the contributions of homeschoolers are dramatically changing our political landscape. For example, leadership courses, camps, and organizations such as Generation Joshua, a division of the Home School Legal Defense Association, are coming alongside homeschooling families to train future leaders. During the 2010 mid-term elections Generation Joshua deployed 900 of their nearly 6,000 members to make a difference in 21 political races across the nation, including that of Congressman Daniel Webster (R-FL), a homeschooling father.

Dr. Brian Ray, founder of the National Home Education Research Institute, in his 2004 study of more than 7,000 homeschooled adults, showed that homeschoolers were more likely to vote, volunteer for political campaigns, and participate in community service. Dr. Ray found that 71% of homeschool graduates participated in ongoing community service activities compared to 37% of U.S. adults of similar ages, and 76% of homeschool graduates (aged 18-24) had voted in a national or state election within the last 5 years, compared to 29% of non-homeschooled graduates. 

In his article titled "Revisiting the Common Myths About Homeschooling," Michael Romanowski, a professor at the Center for Teacher Education at OhioNorthernUniversity, stated: "Homeschoolers clearly learn about the real world, possibly more than do their public school counterparts. While the purpose of public education is to educate future citizens who take an active role in improving the social, economic, and political conditions in society, Ray's research indicates that public schools, not homeschooling, should be scrutinized for their efforts regarding 'citizenship training.' "


So, who are some of these homeschoolers who are demonstrating excellent citizenship in "the real world"? Let's look at a handful of examples:

  • William Estrada, a homeschool grad and member of the California bar, is HSLDA's representative on Capitol Hill. As their federal lobbyist, he has testified before Congress and met with senior officials from federal agencies and the executive branch. He works with young people who are passionate about making a difference in politics.
  • For the past two years, Abby Carman, a homeschool graduate, has been the volunteer/internship coordinator for Congressman Todd Akin. She states: "Far more important than academically, homeschooling prepared me to think for myself, to learn on my own (not just for a good test score but for life) and enjoy learning. It also gave me experience in the multi-grade environment of a homeschool family, which prepared me to collaborate with others of all ages to accomplish a common goal." Many of the volunteers she has supervised are from homeschooling families.
  • Laura Hinely benefited from her involvement with TeenPact Leadership Schools, whose motto is "Changing Lives To Change America." TeenPact, now active in 38 states, is a "comprehensive leadership experience that brings kids closer to Jesus Christ, makes them better leaders, and positions them to impact public policy in their state." Though not aiming at a political career personally, she explained: "I don't want to be the first female President of the United States either; I want to get married and be a mother. But I also want to be a good citizen, I want to know how to make a difference . . . ."
  • Homeschooler Tyler Fehrman worked on 18 political campaigns in five states (2004-2009) and was the youngest paid member of the John McCain presidential campaign." At 18, he ran for an at-large seat on the Mount Vernon, Ohio, City Council.
  • PatrickHenryCollege in Virginia, which was created especially for homeschool grads, places high percentages of its students as interns in political administrations. Since its founding in 2000, the college has graduated more than 300 students, many of whom have entered the legal profession or the political arena.

Homeschooling offers more than just educational benefits, and it's become apparent that involvement with political issues and participation in community projects are opportunities many homeschooling families are finding to be rewarding and beneficial. Instead of isolating students from the "real world," a concern often voiced by opponents of homeschooling, home education is producing young people who are more active in community service and citizenship than their public-schooled counterparts.

When asked to comment about the recent political impact of homeschooled adults nationwide, Paul and Gena Suarez, homeschooling family of six children and publishers of the premier quarterly magazine for homeschoolers, responded that homeschoolers' success "only confirms what numerous stats and studies have already indicated-that 'homeschooling' is about so much more than merely educating our children. It's about instilling in the next generation the conviction that if good is to prevail, then it must be advanced, and it can be advanced only by those who embrace it."

Successful, involved, independent, self-reliant, creative, responsible, productive: These are words used in recent studies, essays, books, and articles to describe homeschoolers, assessments that have been objectively proven through surveys of thousands of homeschooling families. Is it any wonder that the number of homeschooling families, which has increased by 75% since 1999, continues to rise? And according to the NationalCenter for Education's statistician Gail Mulligan, "There's no reason to believe it would not keep going up." (USA Today, Jan. 5, 2009)

Many homeschooling families are training their children to make a difference by serving this nation with integrity, not for the sake of personal ambition or monetary gain but rather because they have learned how to be responsible citizens. Determined, astute homeschooling families are making their voices heard-from leadership camps to grassroots organizations to Congress.

In January 2011, Ms. Jaime Herrera, age 32, will be sworn in as a U.S. Representative (R-WA). She will be remembered, among other things, as the very first homschooled member of our U.S. Congress since the days of our Founding Fathers. She will not be the last.


     We are excited and looking forward to a long partnership with the school. The teachers and environment are God sent and our children are flourishing in every way. Thank you for being Gods vessel and following His wisdom and love. We are so happy Mrs. Cranford is staying on another year her beautiful spirit of warmth and joy makes the school so inviting to all the children as well as parents. We are praying and believing for a continued outpouring of Gods love and protection over the school and all the families. We continually ask God for His unmerited and unfathomable favor in every way for the school. 

Romans 8: 28  And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.


The Reyna's



Homeschool Curriculum
Whether you are an eclectic homeschooler or looking for more traditional homeschool curriculum, our staff at the Center for Home Education is here to help. We offer a variety of parental helps to enable you to understand more your students unique learning style and to support you in this very important calling.
We have also partnered with Alpha Omega Publications and Bob Jones University Press, just to name a few, to make available the best in Christian Homeschool Curriculum.
The Center for Home Education also offers a variety of homeschool classes to support you in the home education of your children. We also provide a full Theatre program to allow a forum for your children to express their God given talents. Don't forget to check out our Learning Center and Cottage Theatre programs.

Homeschool Resources from the Center for Home Education

At the Center for Home Education, we understand the unique challenges that homeschooling can present. We are committed to providing you with the best and most recent curriculum ideas and homeschool resources, to keep your child engaged and interested. Studies have shown that homeschooling has the potential for real impact now more than ever; as parents lose trust and attempt to regain control over their children’s education, homeschool classes are becoming the more viable option. When your family discovers the Center for Home Education, you will find a connection to the greater homeschooling community. We don't just offer homeschooling curriculum, we also provide enrichment classes, extra curricular activities including a Performing Arts Theatre and support to meet all your homeschooling needs.

Our staff is ready and willing to share their homeschooling experience with you. We also have a number of seasoned homeschool veterans who are committed to help you find the best homeschooling solutions for your particular situation. These consultants can assist with any aspect of homeschooling, from curriculum development to actual textbook selection and recommendation. In addition to our knowledgeable staff, we also have a local store located in Watauga, Texas. Even if we are not in your area, many homeschool textbooks and curriculum resources qualify for free shipping. Please contact us at 817-281-2293 to find out directions to our store, or for more information on our online service. We are located in Watauga, a suburb in NE Ft Worth. We offer homeschooling opportunities in the Dallas, Ft Worth area.