Kim McCracken

Kim’s passion for art started at the early age of 8 years old when she started drawing the cartoon characters that were in the Sunday comic paper. She was asked to draw the illustrations for a book when she was 15 which was then published. Her love for drawing spilled over into painting when she was 15 and progressed to all forms of art as the years went on. She was a student art teacher in high school and painted backdrops for the school and church plays. She has painted many murals for churches and individuals and of course family. Her goal is to share her passion of art with the students at the center and hopefully show them that everyone is an artist. She is married to Mark and they have 4 wonderful children and a beautiful grand daughter. Kim has been working for the last 13 years as a Graphic Artist. Her daughter Sami is enrolled in Cottage Theatre classes and is also an amazing artist.

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