Beginning S.T.E.M. 5/6

Students will work together in groups to design and build projects as we explore all components of STEM, from simple machines and cars to lava lamps and buoyancy experiments. We will also make water defy gravity as we learn about surface tension. Newton’s Laws will also be investigated as we learn about motion, friction, inertia […]

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Character Matters Science

Welcome to Character Matters! In a world where we constantly are told through words or actions that character does not matter, we desire to tell children the truth that it DOES matter. This course will implement a study that I have done with my own children over the last 16 years. I have adjusted it for a larger group, […]

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Musical Theatre

Students will learn musical numbers from popular musical productions and movies.  All levels of experience welcome, class is structured to showcase individuals as well as group abilities. Acting and improvisation games and exercises will also help students prepare these numbers for recital. A parent or guardian is required to attend the first class. Requirements: dress to […]

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Science is Fun!

Children are naturally inquisitive and want real answers to their questions. They also learn best through fun, hands-on experimentation. This class combines these two ingredients to guide students into scientific thinking and investigation while equipping them with the foundational knowledge they need to think critically about the world around them. We will study scientists and […]

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Art 3rd-6th

In this class we will go over the elements of art : Line Shape Form Color Value Texture Space We will be working with pencil, charcoal, chalk, markers,paints,crayons and elemnts of nature. I will teach the children paper crafts including origami and lots of other fun crafts to teach and incorporate other elements of art.

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Piano 4th-6th

This class will teach the basics of music including:  playing with a steady beat, singing on pitch, note and rhythm reading, keyboard technique, theory, and music appreciation.  Students will be introduced to famous composers and compositions.  They will have an opportunity to practice both vocal and instrumental participation in class, applying skills to the learning […]

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Sports equipment with a football basketball baseball soccer tennis and golf ball and badminton hockey puck as recreation and leisure fun activities for team and individual playing.

P.E. – Sports for All

Do you have children, boys or girls, 3rd grade -12th grade who might be interested in football, basketball, baseball, and other team sports, but were afraid of being around others that might be “better” or intimidating? Maybe you couldn’t find the right program to let your student experience a variety of sports that was low […]

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3rd Grade Block

Check into the Foundation Station and set off on an enjoyable and interactive learning experience. This 2 1/2 hour class will meet twice a week for 32 weeks and cover the foundational skills of reading, writing and math through active learning with peers. Select themes will direct this learning, bringing continuity to the classroom experience and […]

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3rd & 4th History/Science

Starting with Creation and working towards the 20th Century, students will learn that there is A beginning of History.  Key people, places and happenings will be read about, discussed and explored using a variety of methods, songs, stories, skits, and arts/crafts.  Students will look at differences of clothing, housing, customs, and geography along a time-line […]

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School Education Book Literature Reading Know

4th Grade Language Arts

This is a comprehensive language arts and literature studies course that will cover: Writing, vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension, while promoting active reading and reflective thinking. Literature studies will provide the stimulus for writing and assignments will give students exposure to the elements, the language and the methods of the writing focussing on content, style, […]

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Elementary Acting Up

This class will improve acting skills, give you confidence for your next audition and keep you in theatrical shape for future productions! Includes character development and analysis; exercises in projection, posture and focus. Some of the skills learned include; keeping character, proper stage movement, blocking, timing, etc. Monologues, duets & scenes will be prepared for […]

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Group Dance

Ever watched “Dance Moms?”  Well, this class is NOT going to be like that! However, the idea of a group of students, learning to dance as a group IS what is going to happen.  Preparing for a recital at the end of the semester, these students and their parents will work together on costume suggestions.  […]

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Math 5/6

Math 5/6 can be for either 5th or 6th grade students. It will be taught considering the average 5th grade math skills and also designed for the 6th grader needing more review in math before moving to the next level math. This course will build students’ knowledge of the foundational math skills they’ll need for […]

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