Cooking 101

Have you ever wondered how to make your own spaghetti? Or how to make a pizza from scratch? What about the different ways to cook eggs, or how to make a pie crust? In this hands-on cooking class, you will learn all of that plus more! We’ll discover the basics to cooking meals and baking, […]

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Triple Threat Training

Ages 12 and up will receive rigorous physical and vocal training through learning and performance of upper level music, interpretation and choreography. Students are required to perform in recital but are not required to audition for nor guaranteed a spot on the Triple Threat Texas Show Choir.

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Stage Combat & Dance

Basic staging of hand to hand combat and sword play using elements of movement and dance. Includes falling and tripping techniques as well as proper stretch and strengthening exercises. Can be counted as a physical education course. Students are encouraged to participate in recital but not required.

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American History through Literature

Our American History through Literature class aims to encourage the cross-curricular study of key themes in American history by examining both historical documents and literary texts as a response to the events of the day. We will concentrate on one book for each historical section and bring in supplemental poems, documents, short stories, and speeches. This is a great […]

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God’s Guys

Helping shape boys into men, Jeffrey Chadwick will encourage, challenge, and motivate young men in their walk with Christ. We plan on having a covenant in that class because it relates to a godlike class. The parent and the student will need to sign it. The covenant will be taken seriously and should students decide […]

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Your Identity in Christ

WHO AM I? FINDING YOUR IDENTITY IN GOD’S WORD Bible Study 9th-12th Grade -Studying God’s word on who He says we are as children of God -Weekly Scripture memorization -Instructions on how to study the Word of God using the Bible, the concordance, thesaurus and dictionary. -Challenge students to find their identity in Christ. Examples […]

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Servant Leadership

In this class, we will find each students’ strengths, abilities, talents, and what type of service they enjoy. We will cover characteristics of a servant leader, such as listening skills, empathy, awareness, stewardship, and building community. We will explore examples of servant leaders. Each student will keep a volunteer hours log. This is a good […]

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Genetics/Growth & Development

This class will provide an understanding of DNA, basic genetics, genetic diseases, and the development of the individual from conception through adulthood with a focus on biological, social, emotional, and intellectual aspects across the lifespan, and individual application is emphasized.

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Criminal Justice

Forensic Science and Criminal Justice

This class is to give students an overview of what is involved in the three areas of criminal justice: law enforcement, courts, and corrections. Students in this class will receive an academic foundation in terms of learning the basic concepts, vocabulary, and theories with some topics of suspect communication, rights, laws, and due process. After […]

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Speech & Debate

This class will help improve confidence in public speaking, develop articulation and vocal control, and learn verbal and nonverbal communication, critical thinking, and listening skills.

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American Literature & Writing

We are going to be using the TLP American Literature Study Guides. 1. American Literature: Non-fiction TLP Study guide: This module covers 31 American authors. It also teaches how to read and write essays, with a strong focus on thinking and communicating skills. Authors are presented within their historical context. 2. American Literature: Poetry TLP […]

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Cottage Theatre Acting Company Advanced Class (Grades 7 – 12 By Audition Only) Learn & perform scenes, skits and parables. Students will receive continuous rigorous training and will need to be available to represent the best of The Cottage Theatre for any pre-scheduled gigs. (Two Semesters) Triple Threat Texas Show Choir (Advanced Class) (Grades 7– […]

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In this class, we will learn more about health and the body. We will cover a variety of general health topics such as mental health, wellness and nutrition, diseases/disorders, and healthy relationships. It is also an introduction into growth and development with some anatomy and physiology.

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Essay Writing & more!

The ability to write well can be a distinguishing mark in the pursuit of good grades or a desired job. Quality essay writing is important for high school and college academic performance, and possessing excellent written communication skills is one of the top desired qualities in an employee. In Essay Writing and More!, students will […]

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How to be Successful in High School

The High School years are an exciting time, but they are very challenging as well, both academically and emotionally. This class is designed to help you establish successful practices in your academic and personal life through High School and beyond. Determine your ideal study environment, investigate your learning style, and learn/improve note-taking, study skills, and […]

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God’s Girls

This study will incorporate all three of these important H’s (Healthy, Holistic, Holy) in the critical years when a girl is transforming into a woman. This class will focus on the HEART of a young woman and all that comes from the overflow of the heart – including clothing, attitudes, rebellion, and overall health. We will […]

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