3rd-4th-5th “Fun” Unit Studies

3rd-4th-5th “Fun” Unit Studies

Teacher: Suzanne Orr

Cost: $15/week for 32 weeks
$15 material fee
$20 lab fee


Explore Russia and Africa, travel back to the MIddle Ages, discover the world through history’s explorers, and experience the science behind simple machine inventions! This is only a few examples of the fun planned for the Fun Unit Studies class that will foster in your children a love for learning!

What are unit studies? They are collections of learning activities tied to a theme, providing a hands-on approach to learning that incorporates subjects such as math, science, language arts, and the social sciences. Learning becomes meaningful because all the subjects fit together. In Fun Unit Studies, we will foster creative thinking through hands-on and discovery learning, which is more interested in the process of thinking than it is in the product of an answer.

Curriculum/Required Text(s): No curriculum required.

Fall 2017 Schedule

  • Tu - Annex 3

    2:45 pm - 4:15 pm

    Mrs. Orr