H.S. Government/ Economics

H.S. Government/ Economics

Teacher: Pam Monck

Cost: Government (Fall) 2hrs - $20/week for 16 weeks
Economics (Spring) 1.5hrs - $15/week for 16 weeks



Taught by an attorney, this class will explore American government through a Christian world view. Students will study American Government from its foundation to the present, using the Constitution and current events to understand the functioning of our federal government and their role as future voters.


This one-semester course designed to help students understand how incentives and information influence the choices people make, and how governments influence economic progress.  Students will learn basic economic principles needed to explore and understand such issues as free trade, globalization, inflation, recessions, surpluses and shortages, global warming, energy, stimulus packages and bailouts.  These topics dominate today’s headlines and are the issues we must understand in order to engage the world around us.

Curriculum/Required Text(s): Government:
Notgrass: Exploring Government (Current edition-2016 hardcover)
1) Curriculum Package
2) Student Review Pack

Fall 2017 Schedule

  • Tu - Far Side 2

    11:05 am - 1:05 pm

    Government Fall - Mrs. Monck
    Economics Spring