Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire.
William Butler Yates 
 Come expecting to work hard, intending to learn, and purposing to participate. 
We look forward to sharing in your learning experience.

Spring 2016                                             (Summer 2016)                                                Fall 2016

The Center for Home Education

is a homeschool haven just waiting for you.

Drop in anytime. We are located at 5733 Watauga Road,

in Watauga, a suburb in NE Fort Worth, Texas

just south of Keller!  
Early Elementary  (K - 3rd)      
Elementary  - 6th    Middle School  (6 - 9th)         High School  (9 - 12th)        
Intro to Theatre                             Math                                Critical Thinking/Current Events   
Science is Fun Exploring Art  Civics Economics & Personal Finance 
Foundation Station (K) Science Is Fun Exploring American History  World History & Bible 
Foundation Station (1) Musical Theatre Texas History  American History & Bible 
Foundation Station (2-3) Acting Up
General Science  Government/Current Events 
Science Language Arts
Physical Science  Biology 
Fairy Tale Theatre
Vocal Music Lab  Vocal Music Lab
Pre-Kinder Language Arts Speech
Elementary Art   Acting and Improvisation Anatomy & Physiology
  Math Psychology
    Flash Mob Dance Algebra 1
    Guitar Fundamentals Algebra 2
  Spanish Geometry
    Language Arts
The Center is here to assist with, but is not responsible for, the education of
your students. 
Students should dress modestly for classes and are expected to
behave in a Christ-like manner and respect
the property of the
Center at all times.
Those who do not will be dismissed from the program. 
Could lead to dismissal from class.
Students who skip classes without permission will be dismissed from the program.  
Tx HIS Inc. dba Center for Home Education cannot be held responsible
for any claims of loss, damage,
and/or injury of any nature or property resulting from programs or activities. 
Parents are responsible for picking up their children promptly at
the end of their child’s class schedule.

Students must stay in close proximity of The Center
before and after class while waiting for parents.

Children may be dropped off no sooner than 10 minutes before class is
scheduled to begin.
  Please do not drop off students before
The Center opens for business.