The Center for Home Education utilizes Engrade as a communication tool between teachers and both parents and students.  Classroom summaries, assignments, and grades are all posted within each class (grades 4th and up).

Parents & Students

You will be given a log in at the beginning of the year to access both the Parent and Student accounts (separately).  The Parent account can view multiple children.

For help with your account and logging in, please click here.

For help related specifically to Parent accounts, please click here.

For help related specifically to Student accounts, please click here.


Engrade is a wonderful tool to use to make parent/teacher and student/teacher communication more successful, as well as keep your classroom activities and assignments accessible 24/7.  

Take a moment to peruse the Engrade PRO Help website to learn more about all Engrade has to offer, including but not limited to:

Assignments, Attendance, Behavior, Calendar, Class Websites, Classes, Comments, Course Maps, Discussions, Files, Flashcards, Gradebook, Lesson Plans, Lessons, Messaging, Mobile, Reports, Report Cards, Repository, Students, Tests & Quizzes, Wikis