Donna Jones

Donna Jones is the Director and Owner of the Center for Home Education.  She has a MSSW (Master of Science in Social Work), and spent almost 6 years with CPS and another 6 years with MHMR where she served as the Clinical Supervisor of the outpatient mental health program.  She began homeschooling in 1997 after the birth of her 3rd child, at the time she had a 5 year old, a 3 year old and a newborn.  She continued to homeschool all of  her children all the way until graduation.  Her last child graduated in 2015, concluding 19 years of home educating her own children. 

Q/A with Donna Jones:

Why did you become director/owner of the Center?

I was born and raised in Fort Worth but moved to McKinney and then to Little Elm (until 2011; at which time I moved back to Fort Worth.)   While in Little Elm, I was actively involved in the Homeschool support group called Frisco Home Is School, holding the office of President for 2 years. I first met Rosie Watson, at a presentation at our support group, in 2007, just a few years after she opened the center. I instantly was drawn to the little white wrap around front porch and the ideas she presented to our group! I dreamed of having a place like that in the Frisco area.  So upon moving back to Ft. Wth. in 2011, I was anxious to find a support group.  Although I didn't find one, I was (providentially) reaquainted with the Center for Home Education! Drawn to introduce myself to Yolanda, the supervisor, I was hired as a teacher.  During my first semester of teaching, August 2013, Rosie approached me to ask if I would be the Supervisor the following school year, because Yolanda was retiring.  Then, during my first semester as supervisor, August 2014, the owners and I began discussions about the future and soon it became clear that I was to be the new owner.  Miracles happened and papers were signed!  August 2015 I became the new owner. Clearly I had nothing to do with getting to be the new owner! It was all God! To God be the glory! He is why I am here.  He decided that I was to be here at this time in His-story.  I heard Him say that He wants me to "be the woman I made you to be"! This is His place and His people and I am thrilled to get to serve here.
What are some of your passions?

I wake up every day excited to get to come to work here!  I love it! I'm passionate about all things homeschool!  I am serious about the freedoms that we have been given to home educate our children in Texas!  We are completely free to educate our children however we believe is the best! I thank God daily for our freedoms! Secondly, I am passionate about empowering parents to home educate their children without drama!!  Parents can tap into a child's natural, God-given curiosity to learn, without the drama, fights, tears and mind-numbing boredom! Tapping into a growing child's interests and passions is key to helping them find their place, and the life-journey that God has in store for them. Celebrating the differences in each child is so much fun! We are all different, learn differently and think differently and will have different contributions to our community. If we start comparing the way we homeschool with the way someone else homeschools, we rob our families from God’s gift of uniqueness!   I love to help parents navigate home schooling with as little stress as possible! I love to sit with a parent, have coffee, talk and pray! I believe that is what I am here for!! 

What do you want people to know about you?

What I want people to know about me is that I don’t take myself too seriously, I’m human.  I make mistakes. I absolutely do not know everything! I wasn’t created to be like anyone else but me.  I want to help you be like the person God made you to be. I love all these different kids and teachers, staff and parents!  I love all animals and will not even kill bugs unless I have to! I love birds!!! I have pets that live out on the front porch of the center, my cool lizards.  I love to celebrate anything! I love simple vintage things, like the Peanuts gang. If it has glitter, lights, music or moves, then I love it even more! I love Coffee! & Smiles! I have little patience for whining and complaining.  It kills community! I’m serious about “keeping the unity as much as possible”-it’s like breath to me.  I always believe people will do what they say they are going to do and am shocked if they don’t! I think everyone should strive for peace.   I rarely say the word No.  I cannot stop myself from thinking how to improve things in my environment, to make it more joy-filled.  I am always surprised and broken-hearted when fellow Christ-followers gossip. It is like whining and complaining (see above) it absolutely destroys unity.   I am very patient and will wait a long time for people to “do the right thing”. I can’t fix things or help with problems if I don’t know what they are, so I depend on people to come tell me how things are going on campus. I am forever grateful to God for the teachers who selflessly give! And for the many moms and dads who cheerfully volunteer their time and resources to bless all of us who call the Center "ours". 

I want people to know that whatever they are going through, I want to help if I can. I could talk about homeschool for hours and never get tired of it.

From the Staff

We asked the staff for the Center for Home Education how they would describe Donna.  Here are a few of the responses we received.

"Donna Jones is compassionate, concerned, professional, willing to do the hard work, willing to be a frontline defender, visionary, prayer warrior, confidante."

"Donna is a walking book of knowledge when it comes to homeschool, and with that, she carries a true passion to help anyone with a desire to homeschool their own children. Her love for the Lord shines outward from within and it shows as she is always helping, investing in, and loving the children of the Center."

"She is on a mission to help homeschooling families successfully school their children. She loves The Center for Home Education, homeschooling , and most importantly loves the Lord!!! She seeks his will in every decision she makes concerning the Center."

"Mrs. Jones is a Godly woman who seeks the Father to lead her in all areas. Her passion for educating children into success is evident daily. She tirelessly works to improve The Center for the families who enroll their children, the teachers, as well as the faculty. Her kindness and love for all comes from her faith in our Savior's love for all. She exemplifies our Fathers command of loving one another above all things. And that faith fills the campus of The Center. "

"Compassionate, fair, and encouraging. She has a strong faith in Christ and seeks His counsel for the Center. She wants only what is best for the children and families for this place."

"Donna is excited every day to come to "work" at the Center, but she doesn't consider it work. She considers it her ministry to homeschooling families. She is always asking parents what she can do to partner with them in their homeschooling journey: what classes do their kids need? What activities will bring the kids together? What help do we need as parents and teachers? How can we work together to help each child to succeed? Donna has a huge heart, and she loves the kids like her own."