CHE Variety Show

June 23, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Our Variety Show will be a time for friends to come together, to relax and enjoy some local entertainers.
  • We are proud to announce this new series spotlighting local and regional singers and performers. The Variety Show will be up-close and personal, with the artists performing sets and sharing stories and anecdotes about their lives and music.
“Who are the entertainers for this date?”
  • Joshua Bucy
  • Judah Bucy
  • Anicia Brown
  • Leland Brown
  • Ken Nelson
  • Avery Reyna
“Where do we purchase tickets?”
  • Call (that is the easiest) or come by our front desk, 5733 Watauga Road, or 817-281-2293 to reserve your seat at the table.
  • We are having a fun competition! We have challenged each other to see who can sell the first 25 tickets. The winner will be announced at the Variety Show! Who will win? Kathy? or Donna?
“Are the sales of the tickets going toward
a particular need?”
  • Yes, the proceeds will be used this summer for campus-wide improvements.
“What about food?”
  • We will be offering several desserts, drinks, coffee, in the theatre. We will have an intermission after the first set.
Call 817-281-2293 for Tickets
We hope to see you there!
Seating Limited to 50
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