Health Science

This is great class for those students interested in any aspect of the health care field or just wanting to learn more about health and the body.  We will cover a variety of general health topics from mental health, wellness and nutrition, diseases/disorders and healthy relationships. It is also an introduction into growth and development […]

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Essay Writing & more!

The ability to write well can be a distinguishing mark in the pursuit of good grades or a desired job. Quality essay writing is important for high school and college academic performance, and possessing excellent written communication skills is one of the top desired qualities in an employee. In Essay Writing and More!, students will […]

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How to be Successful in High School

The High School years are an exciting time, but they are very challenging as well, both academically and emotionally. This class is designed to help you establish successful practices in your academic and personal life through High School and beyond. Determine your ideal study environment, investigate your learning style, and learn/improve note-taking, study skills, and […]

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God’s Girls

This study will incorporate all three of these important H’s (Healthy, Holistic, Holy) in the critical years when a girl is transforming into a woman. This class will focus on the HEART of a young woman and all that comes from the overflow of the heart – including clothing, attitudes, rebellion, and overall health. We will […]

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Musical Theatre

Students will learn musical numbers from popular musical productions and movies.  All levels of experience welcome, class is structured to showcase individuals as well as group abilities. Acting and improvisation games and exercises will also help students prepare these numbers for recital. A parent or guardian is required to attend the first class. Requirements: dress to […]

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Senior Session

This class will focus on finishing high school well.  2018 graduating seniors will spend one day/month during the fall and spring semester getting to know other seniors through educational activites, games, senior projects and field trips.  They will also hear guest speakers on such topics as: Life after homeschool  (from viewpoint of college vs. non-college […]

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Exploring Creation with Physics is an honors level lecture/theory and lab/practical application combination, which will introduce students to a wide variety of topics such as: Introduction to the methods and concepts of general physics, heavily emphasizing vector analysis, one-dimensional and two-dimensional motion, Newton’s laws and their application, gravity, work and energy, momentum, periodic motion, waves, optics, […]

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French 1 (High School)

In this class, we will learn the basics of French grammar and developing a good vocabulary as a foundation for becoming lingual in French. We will learn how to properly pronounce the words we are learning and how to listen and interpret simple language patterns. The student should be prepared to practice vocabulary progressively on […]

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Anatomy & Physiology

This is a rigorous course designed to cover the organizational level of the human body in detail from cells to whole body systems in the 32 weeks. The book has 16 modules; therefore, we will cover each module in 2 weeks. There will be labs and hands on activities done in class, along with a few home projects and presentations. In order to […]

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Guitar 2

This class will review/reinforce the basics as needed, then move beyond to learn and master new elements. It is designed for those with more than 1 year of experience. Direction in “how to play” is accompanied by information and workbook material relating the guitar to music theory. Concepts include playing rhythm guitar, melody, bass, barre […]

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Guitar 1

This class is an introduction to the three pillars of guitar: reading music notation, tablature, and chords. It is designed for those with limited (less than 1 year) or no experience. Direction in “how to play” is accompanied by information and workbook material relating the guitar to music theory. Following this course, students may continue […]

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Playwriting 101

This course is designed to develop the writer’s individual theatrical style through the writing of scenes and a 1-act play (or work toward a full-length play). Students will  explore the dimensions of writing for the stage through key areas of craft, including language, dialogue, the essentials of dramatic form, and structure. They will also focus on […]

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H.S. Entrepreneurship Course

This class challenges students, through interactive classroom activities, research, multi-media and at home assignments to start their own entrepreneurial venture while still in school. The course provides useful, practical content to assist students in the transition from being students to productive, contributing members of their community. Students who study entrepreneurship, are given time to think […]

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Vocal Lab (15+)

Like private lessons, only in a group setting, students will prepare vocal selections, one solo (provided by student) and one group number (provided by instructor). They will receive critique and coaching on how to improve singing, learn beginning music theory and learn from each other. They will perform in the semester’s-end recital for parents and friends at […]

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H.S. Logic

There are many problems and challenges students can face.  The objective of this course is to teach a practical, functional, strategic approach to help students reason well and to improve analytical and problem solving skills. We will use examples from math, science, the Bible, current events, and problems/situations the students want to bring to class. […]

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