Intro to Theatre / Fairy Tale Theatre

32 Week Class. Fall is Intro to Theatre, Spring is Fairy Tale Theatre. Learn the basics of theatre including stage acting, theatrical movement (dance) and singing, theatre etiquette and teamwork. Acting and improvisation games and exercises will help students prepare skits, monologues, and dances for recital. A parent or guardian is required to attend the […]

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Art K-4

Brief Outline of Topics: Self Portrait Drawing with basic shapes (STEAM Project) Water Colors Drawing Robots (STEAM Project) Pop Art Food art Paper art (group project) The class will try different mediums allowing each student a chance to explore new ways to express themselves and be creative. STEAM projects are Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and […]

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Piano K-3

This class will teach the basics of music including playing with a steady beat, singing on pitch, note and rhythm reading, keyboard technique, theory, and music appreciation. Students will be introduced to famous composers and compositions. They will have an opportunity to practice both vocal and instrumental participation in class, applying skills to the learning […]

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Give your child a Joy-Filled start to their school age years and come be a part of our community at the Center for Home Education. Learn how to read and do simple Math using 0-10. Students will complete assignments at home on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as assigned by the teacher.

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2nd Grade Block

Check into the 2nd Grade and set off on an enjoyable and interactive learning experience. This 3-hour class will meet twice a week for 32 weeks and cover the foundational skills of reading, writing, and math through active learning with peers. Select themes will direct this learning, bringing continuity to the classroom experience and opportunities […]

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1st & 2nd Social Studies

Starting with Creation and working towards the 20th Century, students will learn that there is A beginning of History.  Key people, places and happenings will be read about, discussed and explored using a variety of methods, songs, stories, skits, and arts/crafts.  Students will look at differences of clothing, housing, customs, and geography along a time-line […]

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1st Grade Block

The section indicated by “WAIT LIST” is full.  You may register for it but will be put on a waiting list.  You will not be charged if we put you on the waiting list. We may open up a new section if enough people are in need of this class.   Check into the 1st Grade and […]

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