"Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire."  - William Butler Yeats

The Center for Home Education is a place to learn, laugh, create, and connect, because learning should be fun, stimulating and purposeful!


The goals of the New to Homeschooling Workshop are to help you become:

  • Informed....  Know your options
  • Inspired....  Develop the passion needed to do the job.
  • Equipped.... Have the tools you need to do the job.


We cover the 10 most frequently asked questions about homeschooling:

  1. How do I know if I'm qualified?
  2. Where do I begin?
  3. Homeschool methods and philosophies: How do I know what method is right for me?
  4. What curriculum should I buy?
  5. How much time does it take?
  6. How do I teach multiple levels?
  7. What about difficult subjects like algebra and chemistry?
  8. What about me?  Will I have a life?
  9. How can I be sure my kids aren't missing anything?  (Testing)
  10. What about socialization?
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