Creative Writing and Reading

Creative Writing and Reading

8th & 9th grades
Teacher: Christina McCanlies

Cost: $10/ week for 32 weeks
$25 material fee


Min 5/Max 10

This 32-week course will provide students the opportunity to think and write creatively.  Reading and writing opportunities will help us explore a variety of genres from poetry to the art of the short story in this class, as well as the other necessary mechanics needed to improve composition skills.  The goal of this class is for students to learn the steps involved in writing certain styles, as well as develop the ability to understand editing skills, increase vocabulary, and recognize writing conventions. Creativity means the students are in control of the topics while learning the differences in stylized formats.

Write Source; Student Dictionary; Student Thesaurus; and one subject spiral notebook

Curriculum/Required Text(s): Write Source Student Textbook Grade 9, 2012/Edition 1: 978-0547485072 – Must purchase on your own. Will
not be carried at the Center. Amazon usually has copies.

Spring 2018 Schedule

  • Tu - Annex 3

    10:30 am - 11:30 am

    Section A 8th & 9th Grade
    Mrs. McCanlies

  • Tu - Annex 3

    11:45 am - 12:45 pm

    Section B 8th & 9th Grade
    Mrs. McCanlies