High School Cultural Geography

High School Cultural Geography

Teacher: Hannah Reyna

Grade Level(s): 9th-12th (ages 13+)

Class Cost and Length in Weeks:
$18/week for 32 Weeks*
$50 material fee

Class Size: Min 5 / Max 12


This course introduces students to fundamental issues and concepts that will help them understand the world in which they live. It focuses on the dynamic and complex relationships between people and the environments they inhabit. Students will learn the basic geographical tools and concepts needed to understand the complexity of places and regions and to appreciate the interconnections between their lives and those of people in different parts of the world, preparing them to make the world a better place. The course provides not only a body of knowledge about the creation of places and regions but also an understanding of both the interdependence of places and regions in a globalizing world and the major changes that have taken place in global, regional, and local landscapes.

This course will help make students better informed, more able to understand the important problems faced by themselves and others, and better prepared to contribute to solutions.

Map work, memorization, and frequent quizzes are required. 

Course Goals and Key Concepts:

• To understand and apply key geographic terms
• To explore social, economic, cultural, and political processes
• To develop geographical skills and knowledge helpful for understanding local, national, and world events and issues
• To develop skills for the observation and documentation of ordinary landscapes
• To develop map interpretation skills

Curriculum/Required Text(s):
Cultural Geography Student Text (4th ed.) - BJU
ISBN - 978-1-60682-499-3

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2020-2021 Schedule

  • W - Annex 2

    1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

    9th & up (13 yrs+)
    Mrs. Hannah Reyna