Group Dance

Group Dance

Teacher: Anicia D. Brown

Cost: $10/week for 16 weeks
$25 material fee


Ever watched “Dance Moms?”  Well, this class is NOT going to be like that! However, the idea of a group of students, learning to dance as a group IS what is going to happen.  Preparing for a recital at the end of the semester, these students and their parents will work together on costume suggestions.  Once the final costume has been decided upon by the Director, parents will be responsible for expenses and implementation of the costume that their child will wear at the recital. Students should come prepared to learn how to dance as a group, on stage, and in front of an audience.

Curriculum/Required Text(s): Dress to move. Jazz shoes or similar. Water bottle and pencil.
A parent or guardian is required to attend the first class.

Spring 2018 Schedule

  • M - Theatre

    11:00 am - 12:00 pm

    Ages 10 & up
    Ms. Anicia