Labs for All!

Teacher: Terri Keller

Grade Level(s): 7th-12th (ages 12-14, mature 11 y/o with teacher approval)

Class Cost and Length in Weeks:
$/week for 32 Weeks*
$0 material fee

Class Size: Min 5 / Max 12


Experimentation is a vital part of a successful science class. Students love “lab day,” and it makes learning a lot more fun. In your homeschool, you can pick the science textbook of your choice, give reading assignments based on your goals for YOUR homeschool student, and utilize quizzes or
assessments based on your preference. Or, at the Center, you may wish to enroll in one of our Science classes. (Read their descriptions to learn about additional labs.)
Science labs provide exposure to real experiments and opportunities to discuss science through repetitive exposure. It is one thing to know the correct spelling and definitions, but a special way of thinking about science follows memorable science labs.
Our goal is to help train your students’ scientific minds. All supplies and materials will be provided with the exception of college bound high schoolers**. We will teach high schoolers how to write a lab report and will give homework to those students that are college bound.
**In college, any science course you take will require you to do a lab report. Lab reports are technical documents, using correct technical terms and incorporating graphs and tables within the body of the text. This will be a good opportunity to add one more type of writing style to your student’s skill set.

Registering for this class means your student will go to class, 12 Wednesdays throughout the school year, approximately every 2-3 weeks, (~6 per semester)
*Exact dates will be emailed and given to parents at Meet the Teacher night.

Lead Teacher: Ruth Koinm
Time: Beginning at 10:00a.m. and dismissed between 11a.m. – 11:30a.m.

12 Labs For All! — Middle School Section $240.00
Various labs will come from: General Life Science, General Biology, General Chemistry, Environmental Science, Marine Science, Earth Science; (Examples: density, chemical reactions, surface tension, fire, oxygen, crystals, clouds) Also, this class will conduct 4 dissections

12 Biology Labs For All! — High School 9th & up $240.00
Various labs will come from: General Biology including 4 dissections
*College bound students will learn how to prepare technical (handwritten) lab reports for at least 6 labs. It is expected that students will turn in at least one college prep, printed, lab report. Parents may require more.

6 Chemistry Labs For All! – High School 9th & up $120.00
Labs will come from General High School Chemistry and will include at least one lab on combustion.
All students will be expected to learn how to prepare technical lab reports for 5 out of 6 labs.
College bound students will be required to turn in a minimum of 2 printed lab reports.

*Please see our Payment Details page for more information.

2020-2021 Schedule

  • W - Annex 2

    10:00 am - 11:30 am

    Mrs. Terri Keller