Marine Biology

Teacher: Donna Jones

Grade Level(s): 8-12

Class Cost and Length in Weeks:
$18/week for 32 Weeks*
$35 material fee

Class Size: Min 5 / Max 9


Dive in deep and discover the patterns of ocean circulation, plate tectonics and the geology of the seafloor, as well as the chemical and physical properties of the ocean. Study the plants and animals in the marine environment that make this water world so spectacular.

Explore the incredible life forms that live on the shorelines or deep in the ocean depths as you realize how incredible the diversity of Creation can be.

Apologia’s website states that this is an upper-level High School course. However, this class will allow each student from grades 8 through 12 to work at their level regardless of experience with science classes. Utilizing Bloom’s Taxonomy as an effective strategy to develop engaging learning activities on a continuum of complexity to improve teaching and learning, all students will be challenged to show their understanding of the material. Parents will be the ultimate authority when determining the difficulty level of assignments.

Students will be required to read 1/2 of the module weekly. Therefore it will be necessary for students to devote approximately 45 minutes at least four days a week, outside class, to the study of marine biology.

In addition to reading, students will be required to learn definitions, answer questions, take quizzes, and come prepared to class to participate in class actively. We will use a variety of learning/teaching techniques, including games, creating, coloring, and sharing information. Video presentations will be utilized. This is not a class for passive listening and filling in the answers to worksheets.

Parents should examine the textbook. Parents may assign additional work to their students to meet the requirements of their homeschool. We will do one dissection, but this is not a “lab-heavy” class. We will have a few non-dissection lab-based presentations per semester.

Topics covered include:

The Process of Life
Geography of the Oceans
Reproduction in the Sea
Classifying Life in the Sea
Kingdom Protista: The Unicellular Algae
Kingdom Protista: The Marine Protozoans
Kingdom Protista: The Multicellular Algae
Kingdom Monera
Kingdom Fungi
Kingdom Plantae
Marine Invertebrates
Marine Vertebrates
Marine Ecology
The Intertidal Zone
Estuary Communities
Coral Reefs
Continental Shelf Communities
The Epipelagic Zone
The Deep Ocean
Ocean Resources
Effects of Humans of the Sea

Curriculum/Required Text(s):
Apologia Marine Biology 2nd Edition

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2020-2021 Schedule

  • Th - Annex 2

    10:00 am - 11:30 am

    Mrs. Donna Jones