Middle School Geography

Middle School Geography

Teacher: Pam Monck

Grade Level(s):

Class Cost and Length in Weeks:
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Class Size: Min / Max


Min 4/Max 8

In this class students will embark on a journey around the world in 32 weeks. This adventure will launch an investigative study of peoples, places, cultures, religions, governments and more. Students will learn how location, topography and history influence a people and their culture.
This class will culminate with an invitation for you to capture the highlights of our travels. Equipped with maps, research, and current events, you too can experience the journey, meet the people, taste the food, and enjoy the music as you feel the heartbeat of God’s people across His world.

Homework consists primarily of map work, study for tests, occasional reading assignments and the gathering of information on current events and preparation of oral reports. Emphasis is on memorization and gaining confidence in speaking in class.


Students will also need to bring the following to class each week:

Notebook, paper, black Pen, pencils and colored pencils

Projects may require outside materials such as project boards and food from the areas of study.

Curriculum/Required Text(s):
1) Window on the World : 978-1932805918
2) National Geographic Student World Atlas 4th Edition: 978-1426317750

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