Senior Session

Senior Session

Teacher: Jill Coan

Grade Level(s): 12th (2020 Seniors)

Class Cost and Length in Weeks:
$400 Total Cost $-/week for 32 Weeks*
$50 material fee

Class Size: Min 5 / Max 16


Sections indicated by “WAIT LIST” are full. You may register for them but will be put on a waiting list. You will not be charged if we put you on the waiting list. We may open up a new section if enough people are in need of those classes.

This class will focus on finishing high school well.  2020 graduating seniors will spend one day/month during the fall and spring semester getting to know other seniors through educational activites, games, senior projects and field trips.  They will also hear guest speakers on such topics as:

  • Life after homeschool  (from viewpoint of college vs. non-college grads)
  • Test taking skills
  • Career planning

Parents will be included in some spring class meetings, to assist in the graduation ceremony planning.  

All seniors must take at least 1 year-long class* in addition to Senior Session in order to attend the graduation ceremony.

*New students must take at least 2 year-long classes.

Class fee covers:

  • all graduation costs for monthly class
  • facility use for ceremony
  • facility decorations
  • caps/gown rental and dry cleaning
  • diploma and cover
  • Sr. class shirts
  • Sr. class project
  • Sr. class group photo session
  • ceremony photographs will be sent to you
  • table and table cloth for displaying senior memorabilia
  • refreshments for Seniors and all of their guests at the reception.
  • Senior parents are not required to volunteer.

    The graduate is responsible for graduation invitations, decorating senior table, and their senior pictures.

    Curriculum/Required Text(s):
    No curriculum required.

    *Please see our Payment Details page for more information.

    2019-2020 Schedule

    • F - Theatre

      9:30 am - 10:30 am

      2020 Grads
      Mrs. Coan