High School World History-Roman Empire to the French Revolution

High School World History-Roman Empire to the French Revolution

High School
Teacher: Donna Jones

Grade Level(s): 8-12

Class Cost and Length in Weeks:
$18/week for 32 Weeks*
$25 material fee

Class Size: Min 5 / Max 9


Using materials by Diana Waring, titled Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries, students will explore the Middle Ages with a Church History perspective. Included in the course: the rise of the Church and the fall of Rome, the Byzantines, the rise of Islam, the Holy Roman Empire, Crusades, Renaissance & Reformation, the Great Awakening, the American and French Revolutions. Each unit is spread over one month. *The student manual can be used by students in the upper elementary through high school. If you have younger students at home, you could teach them with the elementary activity book available from Diana Waring.
This curriculum brings a Judeo-Christian, inclusive perspective to the study of world history. Designed for all kinds of learners. This history class will be approached from many different subject areas such as geography, music, art, and architecture. We want students to understand the events and people of history, as well as gain a better retention of the material. This approach supports Charlotte Mason families, unit study families, classical families or anyone who intentionally seeks to provide a rich experience in learning. We welcome and celebrate the different interests of students. This class is not about “read and answer questions.” We want to develop a historic context first and then ask students to pick topics to explore. We will learn via multiple channels, including music, videos, stories, reading, writing, art, and creating displays. Learning happens when a student engages with the material and spontaneously starts to have questions about what he or she is studying. One goal of this course is to develop critical and creative thinking.
History is best understood from a chronological perspective. Most students will have had some home training in the areas of Creation and the Ancients, so this class will concentrate on the period of world history from the Roman Empire to the French Revolution.
Homework: Minimum 3-5 hours per week
Students will be evaluated as a way to see how well the material was learned. It is an important process for both the teacher and the student. We can learn what worked and did not work, and what could be done differently next chapter. Grades are needed for high school transcripts so we will aim to assign grades fairly. Again, the homework is not about reading and completing work sheets.
Students will also complete on-going self-evaluations.
Areas to be graded per unit (9 total)
• Active Listening and verbal participation-(remember, recall and understand)
• Research and presentation-students will choose one of the suggested topics, one that is personally interesting. They will be in control of discovering something that fascinates them and share with the class. (Able to explain their understanding.) This type of research is brief, spread out over 3 days of homework in most cases, per unit.
• Hands-on project- students will choose one of the suggested projects to recreate. (Being able to distinguish different parts of the whole unit and evaluating parts, concepts or ideas that touch or impact the individual)
• Creative expression- students can choose to write a poem, a human-interest story, create advertising, perform music, put on a skit, mime, design or something else they want to creatively express about something they have learned about this unit. (Applying the information learned in new ways.)
• Tests
Required Texts

  • The Bible
  • Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries Student Text
  • What in the World Vol. 2 Audio Set: Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries-Waring (CDs)
  • Digging Further (CDs)
  • True Tales (CDs)

Curriculum/Required Text(s):
The CHE Bookstore will stock:
1.) The Bible
2.) Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries Student Text
3.) What in the World Vol. 2 Audio Set: Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries-Waring (CDs)
4.) Digging Further (CDs)
5.) True Tales (CDs)

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