Worship Leading

Worship Leading

Teacher: Nathan Reyna

Grade Level(s): 8th to 12th

Class Cost and Length in Weeks:
$24/week for 16 Weeks*
$ material fee

Class Size: Min 5 / Max


In this class we will learn how to

  • Create a setlist
  • Organize the team (class) to be prepared for leading a congregation in praise and
  • Make that special time on Sunday easy, seamless, and inviting
  • Enter the presence of God
  • Facilitate spontaneous worship so that any gathering can turn into one of worship
  • Enter into the presence of God and transition between songs,
  • Create the instrument arrangement, practice routines, band coordination and more

Some music theory knowledge. A year with an instrument or a year of voice training. Bring your own instrument. If you don’t have one at the moment, I may be able to provide a piano, bass, and or guitar.

To have an ending recital in the form of a night of worship. Since leading Worship is not a performance and rather a guidance into the presence of God, this night will not emphasize their ability to perform but rather their ability to guide and not be seen merely for technical ability.

In preparation the class will have a couple of opportunities to lead worship for the local church residing in the theatre, 1:16 Bible Church.

*Please see our Payment Details page for more information.

2019-2020 Schedule

  • W - Theatre

    9:00 am - 11:00 am

    NEW! 8th-12th
    Spring Only
    Mr. Nathan Reyna